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3 months ago

D&B Visions

D&B Visions is now working for the City of Indio to educate their businesses on mandatory commercial recycling and organics recycling. We thank the City of Indio for giving us the opportunity to assist them in their efforts. ...

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4 months ago

D&B Visions

Which one of these can be recycled in your curbside recycling bin? Though this is from the City of San Marcos, it's most likely correct in your neighborhood too.

Also consider reusing the packaging before recycling or disposing.

Please Like and Share!Shopping online for #BlackFriday? Only one of the materials below can be placed in your recycling bin. Can you guess which one? Those of you who said "cardboard box," well done!

Here's a more in-depth look:

1.) Cardboard box-recyclable in your curbside bin/recycling dumpster. Please flatten prior to recycling.

2.) Plastic envelope mailers-recyclable but NOT in your recycling bin/dumpster. These must be returned to a participating store for recycling (www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/recycling-bags-and-wraps/plastic-film-education-individuals/learn-wh...). Along with plastic bags, these clog machinery at the recycling facility and will end up in the residual pile headed for the landfill.

3.) Manila envelope-paper & plastic (bubble wrap inside)-CAN'T be recycled as the two materials are very difficult to separate. Please consider reusing.

4.) Plastic bubble wrap and air pillows-recyclable but NOT in your curbside recycling bin-same reason as #2.

Not shown
- Entirely paper padded mailer (no plastic)-recyclable in your bin/recycling dumpster.
- Brown craft paper (used as cushioning)-recyclable in your bin/recycling dumpster.

Go beyond recycling-try reusing this to pack and ship gifts of your own around the holidays.

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