D&B Visions Title

D&B Visions is an environmental program development company,
specializing in assisting cities, counties and other agencies
inform their residents on natural resource conservation and protection.

We also use our media skills to produce web, print, and video materials
for the general public.

Environmental Programs

With the background of natural resources, Visions can develop a number of programs, materials, and school curriculum to convey a conservation message. We have given Backyard Composting Workshops for a number of cities and have given classroom presentations on Stormwater Water Pollution. Other workshops presented cover the areas of Vermicomposting (composting with worms) and Grasscycling.

compost picBackyard Composting
Around the country, public agencies are encouraging their residents to practice backyard composting to reduce the amount of green waste added to the landfills. Backyard composting is speeding up the natural process of decomposition, which changes green waste into valuable compost. Compost is then used in the garden to improve soil structure and put nutrients back into the yard.

D&B Visions has assisted a number of cities in the Inland Empire by presenting workshops and staffing booths at city events. The workshops typically last 45 minutes and cover the basics of making compost and what to do with the finished product. Visions has provided presentations for:

- City of Fontana
- City of Ontario
- City of Rancho Cucamonga
- City of Redlands
- City of Upland
- Chino Basin Water Conservation District

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Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Stormwater pollution is the material that flows through our stormdrain systems into our local waterways. Most cities are now required to reduce these pollutants through education and enforcement.

D&B Visions assisted the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program to inform their residents on the problem. By developing and using radio/television/newspaper advertisements, presenting classroom presentations, and staffing booths at public events, the general knowledge of stormwater pollution prevention has increased.

We have also developed materials and/or programs on:

Tree Planting and Maintenance: The City of Fontana contracted Visions to develop and present an activity at their annual Arbor Day Celebration.

Recycling: Print materials and Video ads have been created for The Cities of Chino, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and San Bernardino, and the Zero Waste Communities of San Bernardino.

Anti-litter/dumping: Video ads were produced for the Zero Waste Communities of San Bernardino

Household Hazardous Waste: Flyers, brochures, and activity books were created for the City of San Marcos. A brochure was also produced for the Riverside County Waste Management Department.

Water Conservation: Calendars with water conservation tips have been produced for the Cities of Ontario and San Bernardino

Visions is also well versed on electricity conservation practices.

A couple samples of the media pieces can be seen here.

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